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"Your Best Choice For Bingo Supplies"


We manufacture and distribute everything and anything that has to do with bingo.

Consultants, manufactures and

distributors for over 40 years. Family owned and operated.


Office Manager



                 The Crew (left to right)

Patty, Lupe, Laura, Garrhet, Renny, Alex, Mike.

The Sales Team (left to right)

Jimmy, Marcia, Tom


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Bingo Paper

California Bingo Service carries a full line of bingo paper including specialty paper such as double action, bonus line, pattern paper in a variety of serie's.

Hand Held Bingo 

California Bingo Service provides several touch screen full color high definition hand held bingo tablets, as well as fixed based units and flip top units.


Califorina Bingo Service carries a complete line of bingo flashboards to suit every hall.

Specialty Bingo Paper
U Pick Em's
Bingo Equipment

California Bingo Service has a plethora of bingo equipment .

Bingo Daubers

Califorina Bingo Service carries a complete line of bingo daubers in a variety of colors and sizes.


California Bingo Service begins business

and moves into current location

June, 1979 | Renaldo G Marin - Renaldo J. Marin     


California Bingo Service incorporates​

July, 1987  

California Bingo Service Inc., becomes a pioneer in providing some of the first hand held electronic bingo devices in California.

January, 1993


California Bingo Service begins manufacturing and assembling bingo paper at its facility.

February, 1995



California Bingo Service Inc. celebrates 34 years of providing quality products and services to non profits organizations as well as casinos both Tribal, privately and publically held, all from the same location.

June, 2013 


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